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Upcoming Events

April 16th

Transylvania County GOP Meet & Greet - 470 Asheville Hwy, Suite G, Brevard

April 18th

6:00 pm

NAACP Forum at 813 6th Ave. West (St. Paul's Tabernacle)

April 18th

7:00 pm

Swain County GOP Meeting at

45 E. Ridge Dr., Bryson City

April 19th

6:30 pm

Haywood County GOP DEBATE

55 Lambuth Drive, Lake Junaluska 

April 21st

7:00 pm


Watch the live debate on WLOS, Channel 13 at 7 pm

April 22nd

6:00 pm

Biltmore Lake Meet and Greet 

Biltmore Lake Club House

April 22nd

7:30 pm

Join Bruce OConnell for Country Tunes & Talk at Valley Wine & Cigar, 20 Swanger Lane, Maggie Valley

April 23rd

8:30 am

Transylvania County GOP Breakfast at the Old Hickory House in Brevard, NC

April 23rd

5:00 pm

Madison County GOP potluck dinner

258 Carolina, Marshall

April 26th

5:30 pm

Buncombe County Men's Club 

18 G Regent Park Blvd

April 28th

5:00 pm

Jackson County DEBATE at W.C.U.

May 1st

Time TBD

Meet and Greet in Brevard

In The News

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Good people, we're closing in on the 2022 elections, time to suit up. I don't think we have ever had a more consequential midterm election.

FYI, I am not part of O'Connell's campaign. I am serving him as I served Mark Meadows--as national security advisor. I want the strongest possible candidate for our Representative in the Washington swamp.  Bruce reminds me a lot of Mark Meadows, and he's coming up to speed fast on national security and defense matters. I am very impressed with him. The man is open-minded, displays integrity, projects sincerity, clearly loves our country, and is purpose-driven. Under a pleasing personality, there is toughness, and the fact that he is a successful businessman and not a career politician can only be good for our country with the coming challenges to our nation.

As voters in these dangerous times, we need to really know who we are sending to Washington. I intend to meet every candidate for District 11 (I think we're back to 11 now?) to take his or her measure--except Madison Cawthorn. I already have his measure...I think we all do. If he's your boy, God bless you, but I'm looking elsewhere.

I am being blocked by Gmail, so kindly pass this message on to others who might not have been able to receive it, and to anyone else you know who might be interested. If you're not in District 11 (whatever)--I know some of you have moved--please pass this on to others who are.


(I am not the Karen in Bruce's email address--that's one of his campaign staff.)

Event Media

Buncombe County Shake N' Howdy with Bruce

Bruce OConnell and his team welcomed 40+ guests to his Shake N' Howdy who came with questions and support for his campaign.

Bruce welcomes all questions and invites you to reach out to him at

Swain County GOP Convention

Bruce spoke at the Swain County GOP Convention about the challenges facing the community, including PILT deficits and lingering gaps in internet access. The turnout from the community was fantastic with many memorable speeches by local candidates. 

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