Bruce O'Connell Conservative Republican For Congress North Carolina



We need a congressman for Western North Carolina, someone with common sense solutions and a businessman’s approach to government. I believe our next Congressman must clearly state what they will do for the people. This is my contract with you. 


Bruce O'Connell Conservative Republican For Congress North Carolina Signature


48 Hour Rule

Either my staff or I will respond to all constituent inquiries within 48 hours.

Never Miss a Vote

As your congressman, I pledge to never miss a vote. Whether in person or by proxy, this is a promise I make to you.

Protect The Right to Life

I am pro-life and believe that we should protect the sanctity of life. That is why I pledge to fight to stop all taxpayer funding of abortions.

Small Government = Better Government

As your representative in Congress, I will fight to stop government expansion and the current trend toward socialism. I believe the best government is small and local. I believe in the concept of State’s rights. Getting rid of the volumes of regulations we already have is equally important to introducing new legislation. We have more than enough regulations.

Defend The Second Amendment

I believe in our second amendment rights. I pledge to honor the freedoms outlined in the U.S. Constitution and oppose those who seek to undermine them.

Secure Our Borders and Build The Wall

I believe in secure national borders and I fully support protecting our Southern boundary. We must stop the influx of illegal immigrants, while encouraging legal immigration.

Stand Up To Big Tech and Cancel Culture

Cancel Culture and censorship are real. I will stand against the forces that want to silence thought and I will stand against the Big Tech giants who are trampling on free speech.

Teach Critical Thinking, Not Critical Race Theory

I believe that Critical Race Theory is misleading, harmful, and divisive. It should not be taught in our schools. We need a renewed focus on civics, social studies, government and an enhanced focus on reading, writing, mathematics, and science to be competitive globally. Critical Race Theory should be replaced with the teaching of critical thinking.

Bring Broadband to Our Rural Areas

The most rural parts of Western North Carolina have little access to broadband and highspeed internet. For years, we’ve been listening to politicians promising to fix the problem. I will introduce infrastructure legislation to change this.

Fight For Our Farmers and Agricultural Communities

Agriculture is a vital part of our community. We must protect and strengthen our ag producers. As your congressman, I will ask for a seat on the agriculture committee and work with our district’s producers to ease up on burdensome regulations, open up markets, support innovative labor sourcing, promote fair trade and protect your interests.

Balance The Budget

I believe in a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. As an experienced business owner who understands a balance sheet, I realize there are times when money needs to be borrowed for long term investments, but it also needs to be paid back. Our national debt is out of control and cannot be ignored. If I ran my business the way Washington runs our government, I would have closed many years ago. We must live within our means.

Hold Townhall Meetings in Every County

In my business I listen to my customers. That means I get out and talk to them. I listen to their concerns, gather data to make good decisions, and continually seek improvement. I believe our congressman should do the same. That is why I pledge to hold regular, in-person townhall meetings in all 17 counties of the 11th District.

Limit My Service to 6 Years

I do not believe our country’s Founders ever intended for members of congress to make a career out of it. I do not think they intended for elected officials to seek self-promotion either. I believe in the old fashion sentiment of a citizen legislator and servant leadership, which is why I pledge to limit my service to a maximum of 6 years, if elected.

Donate My Congressional Salary

I’ve worked hard in my life and today I own a successful business. It is my duty, honor, and privilege to give back to the community and the country that has given me so much. For this reason, I pledge to donate my congressional salary to the district in support of worthy causes, in particular to law enforcement and their families.