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MEET French Fry

Hey, this is FRENCH FRY.  Thanks for checking me out. I’m excited to share my story.  

Bruce OConnell French Fry

How does Veggie-Fuel work?

I run on vegetable oil that Bruce filters himself. He uses diesel fuel only to start my motor and to purge it at the end of every drive. I can drive about 350 miles for every gallon of diesel fuel. This is (almost) as good as a TESLA. And a whole lot cheaper to buy!

Bruce OConnell French Fry

Environmental Protection has always been a passion.

In 1977, while attending the Cornell Hotel School, my interest in energy conservation was kindled. Hotels and restaurants use a lot of energy and it is a major expense. I was interested in how a hotel could conserve energy, reduce waste, and still give the guests the experience they expected. I did some of the first energy audits for hotels as term papers and was applauded for reducing local hotels’ energy usage.  Upon arriving at the Pisgah Inn, this interest grew into a desire to protect the environment. I realized the importance of balancing preservation and use of our area’s resources. Pisgah Inn was a perfect laboratory for me to try out innovative ideas as well as lead by example. In the 40 + years I have been at Pisgah Inn, it has become a model for an energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious business.

“You are to be commended for the environmentally friendly manner in which you manage the facility. Keep up the good work.”               

Waste Reduction Partners

“Rick has mentioned on many occasions the environmental improvements and efforts you have undertaken at Mount Pisgah. These are efforts over and beyond those required at all facilities or enhancements included in improvement projects. It is clear you feel a personal responsibility in this area and have made environmental management a priority at your operation…On behalf of the Blue Ridge Parkway, I congratulate you on your efforts at being a leader in environmental management.” 

United States Department of the Interior

“Pisgah Inn promotes recycling. Program could become model for entire Blue Ridge Parkway.”                

The Blueridge Parkway.

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