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BRUCE'S Testimonails

Bob Ray
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Bruce is serious about protecting our children from the increasingly radical education agenda as well as keeping schools competitive and safe. Bruce continues to talk to parents, not educrats, about what is most important for America's future generations.   

Marcus Suess, parent, Asheville

It is my pleasure to endorse Bruce O’Connell. I served as his business and personal banker for over 20 years and found Bruce to be a man of high integrity. Bruce has a passion for western North Carolina and will represent us well in Congress.


Latrella Mcelrath, retired, Senior Vice President, HomeTrust Bank

I first met Bruce O’Connell in May 1987. Working at the Pisgah Inn was a pleasure in the summers of 1987 and 1988 while pursuing a bachelor's degree. I have always found Bruce to be a person of integrity, not only in how he ran his business but also in how he conducted his personal affairs. A man of his word, Bruce has the conservative and business acumen that would serve us well in Washington. We need someone with some good sense to stand against the craziness that has become the norm in Washington.  I have no doubt that Bruce is that someone we need.

Dwayne Dills, CPA

Weaverville, NC

I have known Bruce O’Connell for more than 25 years. I have always known him to be an honest man with high moral values. He is a very successful businessman and that is what we need representing us in Washington, not more politicians.

Bradley Johnston, Owner, Taproot Dairy

Mills River, NC

Bruce is a no-nonsense, successful businessman of 40 years. I’ve known him many of those years, and Bruce is as real as they come. He offers us a common sense, conservative approach to running our leviathan government.

Laura McCue

Asheville, NC

Bruce O’Connell stands on the shoulders of all the other Republican candidates. A no-nonsense conservative, Bruce is wise in the business principles our country clearly needs in positions of leadership. He owes no allegiance to anyone other than the people of the 14th and the citizens of the United States. A great congressional district deserves the best representative. WNC deserves Bruce O’Connell.

Gavin Brown, Former Mayor of Waynesville, NC

“Our Country needs to get its financial house in order. With over 40 years of experience in the business world, Bruce will bring a commonsense approach to Congress that will help us get away from uncontrolled spending.”

Elizabeth Holmes, Waynesville

“I’ve known Bruce since 2008. He’s been a friend and a mentor to me, as we are both small business owners. He does what it takes to get a job done, anything from learning how to operate and maintain his own septic tanks HIMSELF, to fighting the federal government single-handed to keep his business and employees working during a government shutdown. He’s not a politician, he’s a problem solver.”

Travis Bramlett, owner, The Valley Cigar and Wine Co.

Maggie Valley

Although I’m a new resident of the 14th District I’ve had multiple opportunities to discuss many of our country’s current issues with Bruce...small business, education, open borders, and, of course, government overreach. As a Viet Nam Vet, and an owner of multiple businesses over the past 48 years, I can honestly say “ Bruce gets it”! He understands the need for reducing governmental regulations that inhibit growth! As a businessman, he understands the impact of recent changes to corporate tax laws, as well as governmental decisions currently reducing our workforce.

Bruce will take his firsthand business knowledge, his honesty, his conservative values, and his passion for Western North Carolina and its residents to Washington! I’m excited about the prospect of sending a man of his values and abilities to represent us! 

Harry Womack

Owner: The Bus Stop, LLC

Owner: Woodbin Construction, LLC

“When I served the FCC, Chairman Kennard used the principle of 'first understand the technology and economics, then develop the public policy.’ This principle led to effective, pragmatics, bi-partisan Internet policy in the early days of broadband deployment and the U.S. led the world. Today the U.S. faces even more complex broadband issues with far more public money at stake. Bruce to his credit is truly working with me and others to understand broadband technology and economics in order to drive the right broadband policy."  


Stagg Newman, former Chief Technologist

Federal Communications Commission

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