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Time is important

The interesting thing about being a businessman running for political office (US Congress) is that I realize politics moves slow and I move fast. I have known this for decades. Working under a government contract in a National Park (The Blueridge Parkway) has shaped my thinking about the dysfunction of government. It operates at a "glacial" pace. I choose now to work faster than what most politicians consider adequate. I have learned over the decades that I can be impulsive. That is not a good way to be. So, for this campaign, and for you, I pledge to not be impulsive, but I will be deliberate. My expectations will be high and I will not accept mediocrity.

I need your help. If you believe in me, please help with a contribution. I need funding to reserve several billboards along I-26 and I-40. I must reserve the spaces soon. Please go to my web and help in any way you can. No amount is to small. You can also send a check to PO Box 1848, Candler, NC 28715.

The money will be used to pay for the billboards. Please know that I am willing to sacrifice, fight, and even throw myself on the sword for our beliefs, our district, and our country. I ask that you do a relatively easy thing, help me financially. I will do the heavy lifting. I need your support and trust.

Please help now. It only takes a second to click on the donate button.

If you are unsure about me, go to and read my contract with you. This will tell you what you will get for your investment.

Also, mark the date...the primary election will be in early March. I ask for your vote.

Thanks in advance. I have faith in all of you.

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