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This should make everybody mad.

I am running for Buncombe County Commission as an UNAFFILIATED Candidate. I have come to find out that if I was a member of one of the major parties, all I would need to do is file with the board of elections to be able to run for office. Unfortunately for all of us, it takes more to be able to serve for us NON AFFILIATED people. Simply because I am not a member of one of the "Clubs", I am required to take the extra step of gathering 2,500+ signatures on a paper petition (cannot be done on line). This in effect makes it much harder for any of us to run for office and serve our community with an independent voice. It is almost a racket. All of us, everybody, Democrats and Republicans should be mad about this.

I am mad as hell about this and it makes me work even harder to be a candidate in this important election. Will you help me with your signature on my petition?


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