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President Biden's Vaccine Speech

President Biden spoke to the nation on the 9th of September. I feel as a Congressional candidate, I must share my thoughts on what he said. I am not against the vaccine. I am against a vaccine mandate. My feeling is that if we believe America is a free country, and if we want it to stay that way, we must speak out against the "dictatorial" way our President is requiring us to inject a foreign substance into our body. I do not agree with a vaccine mandate or any unilateral requirements to be vaccinated. I believe this is a slippery slope and I will stand against it. Personal choice is the best course of action. Make your own decision as to whether to get vaccinated, whether to be around un-vaccinated people, whether to patronize businesses that do not require vaccinations, and make your own choice what to believe. The essence of a free society is the freedom to live your life based on your own choices as long as they do not infringe on other people's rights. I believe the choice not to get vaccinated does NOT infringe on other's rights. I understand many will disagree with my position, and that is what freedom is all about. The freedom to disagree. I do not want to live under a Dictatorship.

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