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O’Connell Reaches Fundraising Milestone for NC-14 Congressional Race

Candler, NC – Conservative congressional candidate Bruce OConnell announces today that his campaign has brought in cash-on-hand for the NC-14 fight. He attributes his fundraising success to a strong base of supporters who “are tired of career politicians” and “broken promises.”

According to OConnell, “The words business-minded and Washington D.C. don’t go together.” OConnell believes that Western North Carolina is facing many issues, among them the danger of critical race theory in our schools, the threat of illegal immigration, and the lack of rural broadband in our region. Says OConnell, “Another career politician is not the answer to these problems.”

As owner of the Pisgah Inn for over 40 years, O’Connell has been dealing with the federal government for decades. “Commonsense is not a strength in Washington. Neither is transparency,” says OConnell.

For this reason, O’Connell introduced his 14-point “Contract with the People of Western North Carolina” in which he outlines what he will do as the next Congressman from the 14th District, including donating his congressional salary to local causes.

“I’m not running to be a political celebrity or to build my national brand,” O’Connell said. “I have been abundantly blessed and I want to give back in gratitude.”

Bruce O’Connell is a long-time resident of Western North Carolina. In his 40+ years of business leadership as owner of the Pisgah Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway, he created an award-winning destination lodge, while artfully managing government dysfunction. In 2013, he single-handedly sued the Obama/Biden administration for shuttering his business as part of the government shutdown - and won. Bruce knows business and we believe his work ethic, mountain values, and commonsense approach are what our district needs now.

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