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Nothing will change if nothing changes

The point is to not expect things to turn around unless we all decide to turn things around. I have decided to put myself in the arena and am running for Buncombe County Commission. I have become Unaffiliated and will be my own person, not beholden to any party. I am only one person trying to make a difference. I cannot do it alone. I can pull the heavy load and work hard for you and all of us here in Buncombe County. I need you to do your part. Help me to get on the November ballot. Help me get the required 2700+ signatures so I can have a fair chance to win the commission seat. There will only be one choice if I do not get on the ballot. No one should be happy with only one choice. This is a call to action. It is not hard to sign a petition. What is your excuse? When will you decide to turn things around? You can turn things around here in our county with a signature on a piece of paper. What could be easier. Email me ( and I will get you a petition to sign. Time is of the essence. Act NOW!


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