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More facts about running for office

Interesting fact. To run for office in Buncombe County and qualify to be on the ballot in November, one must file. To file, one MUST be a member of one of the "recognized parties." As an "unaffiliated" candidate, I am unable to file until I get 2700+ signatures on a petition. When I changed from Republican to Unaffiliated, I did not realize that this was the case. (Me bad). I also did not realize that the "Green Party" (with very few registered voters), the "Libertarian Party" (with a relatively few registered voters), and the "No-Label Party" are all "recognized parties." Had I switched to the "No-Label Party", no petition would have been necessary. This is tough to understand when one considers that Unaffiliated voters are the single largest voting block in the county. The system is broken in my opinion. There has been only one candidate who filed for the District 2 Commission seat. I am attempting to be the challenger, but without signatures on the petition, there will be no challenger. Help me get on the ballot and give voters a choice.


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