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Help me to get on the ballot for Buncombe County Commission

I am pleased to announce my intention to run for Buncombe County Commission. I am running as an unaffiliated candidate. Unlike candidates who are members of the major political parties, I am faced with an additional hurdle. I must get 2500 signatures on a petition in order to even be allowed to get on the November ballot. In some ways, it makes it even more important that I do this. I do not like the fact that an outsider, one who is not a member of one of the two clubs, has to endure additional challenges to be able to participate in the political process. This is a chance for you to vote for the person, not the party. Will you sign my petition and allow me to be on the ballot? Would you help me get signatures? I refuse to be bullied and intimidated by a political system designed to keep outsiders away from the ballot. Contact me at if you will help.


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