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Happy Fall

Hello District 11. Happy favorite time of the year (for many reasons). There has been a lot of activity and news to share with you. The Mountain State Fair provided me with the chance to man the GOP booth where I met many great people. I listened a lot. Also, I participated in my first "ice cream eating contest."

Recently, I did a one hour long radio interview on WPVM -FM. It is archived (audio and video) on their site as well as my facebook page. I have several events planned in the coming weeks including an "open house" at Pisgah Inn on October 10 from 12noon until 5pm. I will be speaking at several GOP events in the coming days and weeks. This weekend, I will attend the Salt and Light event in Mt. Airy where I will share conversation and information with the likes of Mike Huckabee and other well known Republicans. I have gained the support of many key advisors on specific issues ranging from rural broadband to National security and defense, to financial/tax policy, and more. I listen. Financial support for my campaign has come in from Florida to Minnesota, and from California to the coast of North Carolina. It seems that people from all over want to help me get to Washington. I cannot win this race without your help. I will be the Congressman you have been looking for. I will not let you down. I am going to represent all of the district. Please consider helping my campaign with a donation. As always, I am reachable. Shoot me an email if you want to chat.

More to come as my campaign "rev's" up.

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