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Get off your rear end and help make the change

It is not enough to complain. To make things better, you have to act in some way. Some of us have the time and ability to actually run for office. Some of us can volunteer to help candidates in a myriad of ways. Others can help by putting their money where their mouth is. Winning campaigns take money. Whatever you can do, you need to do it now. We , here in Buncombe County/Asheville are looking for conservative minded people to step up and run for City Council, County Commission, Register of Deeds, and school board. We need conservative minded people to balance the scales in our local governing bodies. We need funding to push these candidates across the finish line. At present, it is one party rule in our area. There are obvious problems with one party rule. Simply look at the water system infrastructure, the crime, the homeless problem, the high cost of living, the lack of affordable housing, the crumbling civic center, the crumbling parking decks in downtown, the overcrowded roads, the poor morale at our fire and police departments, the rising taxes we pay and the crazy woke agenda affecting our schools and children, and much more. November 2024 is our chance to fix things.

Will you help, or will you sit back and hope someone else will help? Don't be timid or afraid. You can make a huge difference. You can make the place you call home better. Do something! Call or email me. We will support you if you want to run for office. The time to file for an office ends December 14, 2023. Make a pledge to help your community and your family now. You are as capable as anyone else that is in office now. You are probably more capable. Get involved. I am waiting to hear from you.


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