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Hello District 11 and all, today we are picking up. The damage is severe and there are people still missing. Thoughts and prayers go out to all. Hopefully, the Governor will get some relief to the people who suffered the most. Pisgah Inn (my business) is closed. No power, no phones, and major road access is closed. We will be down for a few days, hopefully only a few days. The storm also effected the agricultural community. I chain sawed my way out of my driveway, travelled roads avoiding mudslides , and saw what was a beautiful tomato crop all but gone. Many plants washed away, others covered in mud. I bet it is a total loss. It is a sick feeling a farmer gets when something like this happens. It is a terrible feeling. We must not forget the farmers and the risks they take to feed us. Thank you to all the farmers. Please keep growing our food. I know the risk you take. Thank you.

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