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Conservative Bruce O’Connell Launches First Campaign Ad of the NC-14 Campaign.

Candler, NC – Conservative businessman Bruce O’Connell, who earlier this week announced having over $1 million cash on hand in the bank, today announced he is launching the first campaign ad of 2022.

Like President Trump, Bruce O’Connell is a businessman and a fighter. This ad highlights his conservative fight against the Obama-Biden administration’s government shutdown in 2013 as well as taking his fight to Washington to represent the people of western North Carolina with a businessman’s approach to shake up the status quo.

The ad will start tomorrow and run district-wide. Interested parties can view the ad here,

“I believe to shake up the status quo in Washington we need to send a businessman with the experience in taking on the establishment and winning. More career politicians won’t bring the change we need to fight against the socialist agenda of Biden and Pelosi. This is the first of the many ads we plan to run to introduce the voters to me and my plans to fight for our shared western North Carolina values,” Bruce O’Connell said.

Bruce O’Connell is a long-time resident of Western North Carolina. In his 40+ years of business leadership as owner of the Pisgah Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway, he created an award-winning destination lodge, while artfully managing government dysfunction. In 2013, he single-handedly sued the Obama/Biden administration for shuttering his business as part of the government shutdown - and won. Bruce knows business and we believe his work ethic, mountain values, and commonsense approach are what our district needs now.

For more information, visit

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