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Bruce O'Connell Conservative Republican For Congress

Unaffiliated Candidate For Buncombe County Commission, District 2
Candler, Sandy Mush, Leicester, Alexander, New Found, Weaverville, Flat Creek, Jupiter, Barnardsville, Reems Creek, Ox Creek, Swannanoa, Woodfin.

The 2022 elections have come and gone, but I am still here and remain active. The problems we face are still here. The thought of fading away never occurred to me.

It is my honor to be able to offer myself as a candidate for your County Commission.  Like you, I live here in Buncombe County and am a stakeholder. I believe I can contribute to making things better for all of us.

I have become disillusioned with the two-party (or Uni-party) system and have become Unaffiliated. I ask you to consider voting for the person, not the party. I pledge to take the best from both Party’s and leave the rest. I welcome support from everyone.  My loyalty is to Buncombe County, not to any one political agenda.


Bruce is a 45 year resident of Western North Carolina. He has called the Candler area home since 1988. Bruce has operated the Pisgah Inn on the Blueridge Parkway since coming to Western North Carolina in 1979. As your next County Commissioner, Bruce will bring common sense, independent thinking to the Commission. Bruce is not affiliated with either of the two major political parties. He has decided to renounce any allegiance to a particular party and instead pledge his allegiance to the flag of the United States and to all the people of Buncombe County.


Like you, Bruce is concerned about the environment, the rise in crime, the high cost of living, and maintaining  the quality of life we all want to enjoy. Buncombe County is similar to a big business and needs a commissioner with business experience to manage infrastructure, payroll, capital projects and on going maintenance. Bruce can bring that experience to the Commission.

Bruce O'Connell Conservative Republican For Congress North Carolina
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